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IEM Toastmasters Meeting #194 on 27th March, 2014 was called to order at 7.30 pm on the dot with the sounding of two swinging strikes of the wooden Gavel by the acting Sergeant-At-Arms, the plain-speaking, Toastmaster Anthony Kolandai, ACB., standing in for Toastmaster Seyed Mohsen Forgani in his absence. A modest crowd of 23 eager and exuberant participants comprising 15 Members and 8 Guests filled up the august IEM Hall for an eventful, educational and entertaining evening.

1. Anthony Kolandai

2. Patrick Lee

3. Ang Fook Long (Steven)

4. Sim Bock San

5. Lim Juleen

6. Lim Suleen

7. Ng Yee Chia

8. Robert Ram

9. Lim Wei Keong

10. Lee Meng Tze

11. Joe Yap

12. Anita Wong

13-A. Meera Shanmughanathan

14. Alex Lu

15. Kanagaraj Pillay


16. Phang Wai Kheong ( UTAR)

17. Chan Mei Yin

18. Cheng Cia Cia

19. Lim Thian Seng (Tmn. Indrahana TMC)

20. Chan Weng May

21. T.C. Lim (K.K. TMC)

22. Jacyln Siw

23. Hong Jia Shin

Word of the Day: ‘Accord’
Meeting’s Theme: ‘Balancing Act’

President’s Welcoming Address.
The President, the dashing and decorous Alex Lu, ACB. ALB., next took to the Podium with an endearing wide smile to welcome everyone with his heart-warming address. Before revving up his Speech, his love for language took precedence when he promptly invited the Grammarian, the frank and friendly, Ng Yee Chia, CC., to do justice to the word of the day ‘Accord’ by giving an analytical definition of it, while encouraging the audience to use it without restraint to expand their vocabulary.

In accord with the theme of the Meeting ‘Balancing Act’ he treated the Members with an inspiring message of the importance of having a balance between competing needs to achieve harmony in their lives, especially when having to contend with limited resources. He cited and shared his own family’s experience when grappling with the difficulties of arriving at a consensus when it came to renovating and refurbishing his beautiful house and showed us all how the ‘balancing act’ prevailed in the end in a happy ending. Organizations too should take a hint from his bold message to stay relevant. IEM Toastmasters Club is no different. Thank you Mr. President. In the usual tradition of the Club everyone self introduced themselves with great flair and fashion. But surprisingly the Word of the Day ‘Accord’ was less bandied about in their discourses on this rare occasion. Probably it could be due to the sudden foul weather outside that could have dampened our spirits momentarily. We look forward to a heartier and robust response in the coming Meetings.

The Toastmaster of the Evening, the cute, confident and creative Ir. Lim Juleen TM., definitely shored up the spirits when she dished out lavish praises on all by way of a welcome note with her textbook-perfect pronunciation in her emceeing. She sure dazzled and wowed the audience with her speaking prowess for a newcomer Member at that. A brief insight of the History of Toastmasters International was lectured to especially for the benefit of the many guests present. The updated changes to the Agenda, the standard three parts to the Meeting and role players’ duties were cited. The Grammarian, Timer, Ah Counter and General Evaluator all read out from their respective standard scripts detailing their roles.
Grammarian – Ng Yee Chia, CC.
Timer – Patrick Lee, TM.
Ah Counter – Sim Bock San, CC.
General Evaluator – Lim Thian Seng, ACG.,ALB.,

The Table Topics Session, certainly the most popular part of any Toastmasters Meeting, ensued with the TME inviting the Table Topics Master, the charming and confident, Ir. Lim Suleen to challenge the audience with her clever, crafty and thought provoking talk titles based on the Meeting’s theme ’Balancing Act’. She certainly lived up to her role with gusto. The Table Topics Speakers did not disappoint either. They valiantly displayed their courage and conviction on the subject given with very colorful and witty renditions. Of course our very own Speaker extraordinaire DTM Robert Ram overawed the audience with his impressive performances. However, credit must also be accorded to some of the courageous guests for volunteering for the Session. The Timer certified that all qualified for the voting process and audience cast their votes.

Table Topics Speakers:-
Robert Ram
Ang Fook Long (Steven)
Chan Mei Yin
Chan Weng May
Hong Jia Shin
Best Table Topics Speaker: DTM Robert Ram.

Next was a special talk ‘Managing in 21st Century’, presented by the Club’s invited guest, the living embodiment of Toastmastership in action, the Pearl of a Personality, DTM Phang Wai Kheong who touched on the intricacies and mechanics of how Managers dealt with people from the era of ‘Baby Boomers’ down to Generations X, Y and Z with his easy to follow Slide-Presentation. Such a stunning Speech it was, took us to an all new dimension in the Art of Speaking, Communicating and Leadership, followed by a brief but lively question and answer session. Bravo to him.
Watch Phang Wai Kheong in action below.

Managing In The 21st Century by f1008830814

Everyone was so engaged, welded to each other, communing in that easy companionable way, greeting and sharing pleasantries during the break. It was such a welcome sight to behold. Food was a sumptuous spread of a variety of local cuisine with coffee and tea to taste. Next, the SAA reconvened the Meeting and the TME takes control.
Project Speeches’ Session began with a loud bang, so to speak, with an ‘Icebreaker’ and two ‘Organize your Speech’ projects. The respective evaluators and the GE read out the objectives of the Speeches. All the Speakers had performed fabulously well, knowing by the thunderous applause they elicited from the crowd of ardent listeners and supporters. The Timer certified that all qualified for the voting process and the audience cast their votes. With that, the TME relinquishes her role and hands over full control of the floor to the esteemed General Evaluator, the affable Lim Thian Seng, ACG., ALB.,
Project Speakers:
Joe Yap, TM. – Icebreaker
Meera shanmughanathan, ACB., CL.,- ‘Organize your Speech’ – ‘Believing is Seeing’
Anita Wong, CTM., CL., – ‘Organize your Speech’ – ‘Ticket to Teach’
Best Speaker: Anita Wong.

The General Evaluator, invited the Project Speech Evaluators to present their reports. The Evaluators, DTM Phang Wai Kheong, DTM Robert Ram and DTM Lee Meng Tze, all very influential and inspiring doyens of Public Speaking, delivered their bids on their respective protégées in fine and fitting form impressing the audience and in turn received overwhelming approval. This was followed by the TableTopics Evaluator, the diligent and diplomatic Kanagaraj Pillay, ACB., who read out his evaluation report of all the five Speakers. He too did a fantastic job and concluded his assessment with his trademark closing quote ‘may my evaluation serve as the icing cream on top of a freshly baked cake’ to the hoots of hurrahs from all present.

In finality, the GE calls on his supporting team of role players, the Timer, the Grammarian and the Ah counter to state their reports for the audience’ consumption. He commended their meticulous work and then recounted his own comments and observations encountered during the entire proceedings of the Meeting. To come to the point, he had all good words for the President, the Members, the hall, the food, the setting and the overall conduct of the Meeting. He pin-pointedly singled out the fine arrangement of the Meeting room decorated with the Club’s Banners, all displayed in a pleasing way that got to his liking. We should all be proud of that. His only piece of advice for improvement was to have plenty of cloth modestly covering everyone’s legs exposed under the tables to avoid unnecessary attention. All in all, he was ‘generous to a fault’ with his open comments.

The President Alex Lu, ACB., ALB., presented Merit certificates and Awards to the GE, the Special Guest Speaker, the Best Speakers and Evaluator. The Feedback from all the guests was very positive. One particular guest, a DTM from K.K. TMC., decided to dwell further and gave an interesting mini talk, expounding on the secrets of winning a Speech Contest by focusing more on what the Judges looked for instead of relying solely on audience-support. It was getting late, the feedback was dreary and dragging. Everyone was literally squirming in their seats to call it a day but were magnanimous to be tolerable and politely gave him some berth to finish up.

The curtains came down at 10.30 pm with the President in his closing remarks, thanked all for a wonderful Meeting and pointed out the various interesting programs lined up for Members as noted in the Agenda. The next Meeting # 195 is scheduled for Thursday, April 10 at 7.30 @ 2nd floor Wisma IEM. All are Welcome !

(This blog post was written by Anthony Kolandai, ACB)

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Feb 16

IEM Toastmasters Meeting #191 on 13 February, 2014 was called to order by Sergeant-At-Arms Seyed Mohsen Forghani, TM at 7.30pm with twenty two attendees coming from near and far:-

1. Kiang Faang Pyng (District 51 Governor)

2. Engr. Lee Meng Tze (District 51 Secretary)

3. Johan Irwan Kamarozaman (Area E3 Governor)

4. Alex Lu (President)

5. Ir. Lim Suleen (Chinese New Year Open House Meeting Organizing Chair)

6. Ir. Lim Juleen

7. Anita Wong

8. Ng Yee Chia

9. Kanagaraj Pillay

10. Robert Ram

11. Anthony Kolandai

12. Wong Ling Kui

13. Jaden Lim (Walk-in Guest)

14. Diong Jia Ming (TTDI TMC)

15. Seyed Mohsen Forghani

16. SKL Walia

17. Joe Yap

18. Andrew Nathan

19. Meera Shanmughanathan

20. Mok Zhen Yick

21.  Aaron Ho

22. Chia Meng Yee

Word of the Evening: Gallant

This meeting commenced with the President, Alex Lu, ACB, ALB welcoming all guests followed by attendees introducing themselves. After completing a round of introduction, the President then handed over control to the Toastmaster of the Evening (TME), Anita Wong, CTM, CL. She introduced Toastmasters International (District and Club), meeting program and role-players.

The meeting continued with a humour session by Humour Master, Anthony Kolandai, who tickled the audience with his hilarious jokes.

Next was a special talk by District 51 Governor, Kiang Faang Pyng, DTM titled “Awaken the Leader in You”. The District Governor inspired the audience to take up leadership roles with the District. She reminisced how joining Toastmasters in the beginning was for personal reasons of self-development but that as her journey led her to the position of Lieutenant-Governor of Marketing, it was about giving back to the community. The District Governor further emphasized that toastmasters was not only about public speaking skills. It also advocated and taught leadership skills. Leadership skills teaches one to work and interact with people, and she felt that it would make one a better employee. The District Governor also congratulated IEM Toastmasters for being the first club in Peninsular Malaysia to achieve President Distinguished Club status, and thanked IEM Toastmasters for inviting her to its Chinese New Year meeting.

Watch District Governor Kiang Faang Pyng, DTM inspire the members of IEM Toastmasters below:-

After that came the moment all had been waiting for – the Table Topics session conducted by Table Topics Master Joe Yap, TM. Joe presented the attendees with a choice of fortune cookies which contained interesting topics based on the theme “Chinese New Year” from which they were to speak on. The following five table topics speakers volunteered for the challenge:

1. Anthony Kolandai

2. Aaron Ho

3. Jaden

4. Meera

5. Robert

All speakers met the time qualification.

An intermission of 20 minutes was announced, during which members ushered in and celebrated Chinese New Year by tossing ‘Yee Sang’. Attendees celebrated birthdays of DTM Kiang Faang Pyng and Anita Wong, CTM, CL by singing ‘Happy Birthday’ after which they cut a delicious chocolate cake.

The meeting was resumed by Sergeant-At-Arms Anthony Kolandai, ACB. The Project speeches session then began with three public speakers presenting project speeches:

  • #1 Robert Ram, DTM, ACM Technical Presentation #3: Technical Briefing: “Internet Marketing Part 2”. Robert spoke on keyword research in internet marketing.
  • #2 Meera Nathan, CC, CL – “The Roast”. Meera roasted one of her mentor’s, Robert Ram, who was one of the Past Presidents of the club.
  • #3 Ir. Lim Juleen, TM CC #5 – Your Body Speaks – “Body Language”. This speaker spoke on how our facial expressions, smile, eyes, hand gestures, hand shake and body position could portray different messages.

All public speakers met the time qualification.

General evaluator, Diong Jia Ming, ACB then took control. She invited the following evaluators to present their evaluation of the speeches:

  • Speech Evaluator #1: Chia Meng Yee, CC, ALB
  • Speech Evaluator #2: Johan Irwan Kamaruddin, ACB, ALB
  • Speech Evaluator #3: Andrew Nathan, ACS

The timer’s report was presented with all speech evaluators speaking within time to be qualified in the voting for the best evaluator. The general evaluator then invited other role players to present their report.

  • Grammarian : Kanagaraj Pillay, ACB
  • Ah Counter : Suresh Kandasamy, TM

Upon receiving the comments from the evaluators and role players, the general evaluator presented her comments. After she concluded, Timer Wong King Kui, TM presented his report for all speakers and role-players, including the general evaluator. The President then presented appreciation to the general evaluator. He also presented awards to the following:           

  • Best Table Topics Speaker: Robert Ram, DTM
  • Best Project Speaker: Meera Nathan, CC, CL
  • Best Evaluator : Andrew Nathan, ACS
  • Best Dressed Woman: Meera Nathan, CC, CL
  • Best Dressed Man: Alex Lu, ACB, ALB

There were a few announcements on the upcoming events as set out below, before the President delivered his closing remarks for this wonderful Meeting. Meeting adjourned at 11.00 pm.

  • The next club meeting #192 is on 27 February 2014 at 7.30 pm. 
  • IEM Toastmasters will be having a meeting on 21 February 2014 to prepare for the Speechcraft programs for the Young Engineers’ Section of IEM, and Amcorp, at 7.30 pm at 2nd Flr, Bangunan Ingeniur. 
  • Members are to renew their membership fees of RM200 before 27 February 2014 by paying to the club Treasurer, Tan Ken Wayne or VPE Ng Yee Chia as soon as possible.
District Governor Kiang Faang Pyng inspires members to take up leadership roles

District Governor Kiang Faang Pyng inspires members to take up leadership roles

IEM Toastmasters celebrate CNY with a Yee Sang toss!

IEM Toastmasters celebrate CNY with a Yee Sang toss!

members celebrate DG Kiang Faang Pyng's and Anita's birthdays

members celebrate DG Kiang Faang Pyng’s and Anita’s birthdays


Best Project Speaker Meera

Best Project Speaker Meera

Best Dressed Man & Woman

Best Dressed Man & Woman

(This blog post was written by Meera Shanmughanathan, CC, CL.)

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Sep 21

Come join us at District CC8,9,10 Workshop on Saturday 28th September, 9am-1pm at KPMG Tower, 8 First Avenue, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya, This workshop will benefit any of you, whether working on CC or any speeches.

Click below link for testimony from Sim Bock San who attended this workshop last year on 3rd November 2012. The resulting benefit : 2 weeks later on 17th November 2012, Sim emerged as District Humorous Speech Champion, 7 months on Sim won District International Speech Champion too!

You can benefit too! If interested to join do register quickly with District Workshop Facilitation Team G. Sivalingam (Email:, T: 012-393 0675) or Tan Lay Theng (Email:, T: 012-254 5095) to reserve your seats. Door fee is at token RM10 inclusive refreshments. See you there!

Further details can attached flyer, map and announcement from the Organizing Team

















The Competent Communicator (CC) 8,9,10 workshop is back by POPULAR DEMANDBECAUSE IT WORKS ! Be Part of the Learning ! Learn how to effectively craft and deliver your CC Projects* 8, 9, 10. The workshop will be

  • Highly Interactive
  • Team learning
  • Moderated by District Workshop Lead Facilitator G.Sivalingam, DTM
  • Led by a team of experienced facilitators

Date: 28 September 2013 (Saturday)

Time: 9:00AM – 1:00PM

Venue: KPMG Tower, 8 First Avenue, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya

Door Fee: RM10 (incl. refreshments)

LIMITED TO 48 seats, so REGISTER NOW  by 23 September!!!
With the District Workshop Facilitation G. Sivalingam (Email:, T: 012-393 0675) / Tan Lay Theng (Email:, T: 012-254 5095)
The PNG files for the workshop and location map are also attached for your convenience.
G.Sivalingam (Mobile : 012-393 06675)
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Aug 04

On 1 August 2013, IEM Toastmasters held its “The Art of Effective Evaluation” Workshop. The workshop attracted a good turnout, with some 50 attendees coming from near and far. It commenced by Mariappan Chanachayai, CC, the coordinator introducing the workshop to the participants.

Next up was Alex Lu, ACB, ALB, and the President of IEM Toastmasters who gave an informative presentation on the function of evaluation, and on how well IEM Toastmasters evaluated.  Evaluators, he said, performed the roles of a motivator, facilitator and counselor. Alex informed participants of his findings on the effects of having the evaluation session at the end of Club meetings and said he was looking into how he could ensure that the evaluation session benefitted club members more effectively.

The next speaker was Andrew Nathan, ACB, ALB, who spoke on self-esteem being the key to personal growth for a speaker. It was therefore important to build a positive club climate for evaluation.

After an intermission of 20 minutes, the workshop was called to order by Seyed Mohsen Forghani, TM. Charismatic Robert Ram DTM, then livened up the energy of the evening when he presented on the methods of effective evaluation and how to evaluate effectively. The presentation saw participants participating actively to model the suggested strategies for effective evaluation.

The last speaker, Chia Meng Yee, CC, ALB, then spoke on speaker’s responsibilities. In order to ensure an effective evaluation, the speaker was encouraged to have adequate preparation for his speech and to aid the evaluator by discussing his needs and objectives of the speech with the evaluator prior to the evaluation.

Sim Bock San, TM, the District 51 International Speech and Humourous Contest 2012-2013 Champion presented his speech titled “Life is Short” to resounding applause from the audience. He was evaluated by Division C Evaluation Contest 2010-2011 Champion Tan Ken Wayne. The session was then opened to the floor for participants to give an open evaluation of Sim’s speech and of the evaluation by the evaluators themselves.

The evening ended with Chia Meng Yee summarising the key points and takeaways of the workshop and with President, Alex Lu, presenting certificates to all participants of the workshop.  The workshop ended at approximately 10.00 p.m.

The workshop received positive reviews from participants in general. When asked for his views on the workshop, TM Kuhanesh Mahendra had this to say: “It was good and informative. Robert Ram in particular was very entertaining.”

Nicholas Leong, a guest, said “the workshop was very useful to me as a non-toastmaster.  All the speakers had sound technical knowledge on their subjects.”

Sim Bock San with his speech Life in Short

Sim Bock San with his speech Life in Short


Robert Ram wows the audience with his presentation

Robert Ram wows the audience with his presentation


Courageous Roslinda attempts impromptu evaluation of evaluators

Courageous Roslinda attempts impromptu evaluation of evaluators


participants with District Secretary Engr. Lee Meng Tze

participants with District Secretary Engr. Lee Meng Tze


participants try their hand at evaluating Sim's speech

participants try their hand at evaluating Sim’s speech


Participants preparing their evaluation of Sim's speech

Participants preparing their evaluation of Sim’s speech


participants mingling with each other at the workshop

participants mingling with each other at the workshop


Our speakers...

Our speakers…


Organising Co-ordinator Mac speaks

Organising Co-ordinator Mac speaks


Meng Yee speaks on speaker's responsibilities

Meng Yee speaks on speaker’s responsibilities


Andrew speaks on self-esteem

Andrew speaks on self-esteem


Alex presents Brenda Leong with certificate of participation

Alex presents Brenda Leong with certificate of participation


(This blog post was written by Meera Shanmughanathan, CC)



Dec 10
Dear Toastmasters and friends,
Coming Thursday 13.Dec.2012 730pm, IEM Toastmasters will be organizing Toastmasters meeting with a 30-minute Talk “Rhetorical Devices” (CC4 How to Say It), to be conducted by G. Sivalingam, DTM (2012/13 District 51 Education Team, 2011/12 District 51 TLI Chair).
  • Venue : 2nd floor, Wisma IEM, 21 Jalan Selangor, Petaling Jaya(across the road by bridge from the front of Pizza Hut / Bangunan Ingenieur, near MBPJ)
  • Direction:
  • Guests’ Door Fee is RM10/pax. Dinner will be provided (from 7pm)

All are welcome to join IEM Toastmasters’ exciting meeting program, where we have 4 assigned project speakers including 2 CC#4 speeches, right after this CC#4 talk!

Any queries contact Meng Tze 012-2130588 or Alex 012-2837621

See you & Warmest Regards

Flyer :



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Nov 15
Division C will organize a Workshop on International Speech and Table Topics
  • Date : Saturday 5 January 2013
  • Time : 2:00 to 5:30 pm
  • Venue : Wisma IJM , Jalan Yong Shook Lin, PJ
  • Facilitators : Dominic Joseph, DTM (Distict 51 TLI Chair 2008/9) ; Lackhimand MA ATMB, ALS (District 51 Club Coach Chair 2012/13) ; Bernard Louis, DTM (1st runner up District 51 Evaluation Contest 2010/11)
  • Fees including tea break: RM30 (Early Bird Before 24/Dec/2012) ; RM40 (after 24/Dec/2012)
  • Bank- in Bankin A/C : RHB 1 444 6000 32333
  • Bank-in Name  : Chew Shel Ling (Div C treasurer, 2011/12 Division C Governor)
For further clarification or details, contact
  • Organizing Chair : Sarah Abedi Abdullah, DTM (Assistant Division C Governor – Education & Training, 2011/12 Area  C5 Governor)
  • Email :,
  • Mobile : 019-6013073
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Aug 12

IEM Toastmasters organized  The Art of Effective Evaluation Workshop on Thursday 9th August, 2012. The workshop was called to order by our Sergeant-At-Arms Anthony Kolandai, CC at 7.44p.m sharp. There were a total of twenty-seven attendees :-
1. Alex Lu – Organizing Chair and Facilitator #1 
2. Lee Meng Tze – Facilitator #2
3. Robert Ram – Facilitator #3
4. Chia Meng Yee - Facilitator #4
5. Tan Ken Wayne – Star Evaluator
6. Lim Terk Yiang – Test Speaker
7. Chooi Jia Hoong  
8. Kanagaraj Pillay
9. Andrew Nathan 
10. Anthony Kolandai
11. Cham Poh Nee
12. Yuva Raja
13. Khor Wei Li
14. Sim Bock San
15. Ng Yee Chia
16. Boon Sin Cheng (MIHRM TMC)
17. K C Ng (MIHRM TMC) 
18. Roshida Hardiani (Persona & MIHRM TMC)
19. Priscilla Parissa (Faith TMC)
20. Sarah Abedi Abdullah (Shah Alam TMC etc..)
21. Lim Thian Seng (Taman Indrahana TMC)
22. Jade Lim Lay Yoke (Taman Inrahana TMC)  
23. Wong Keng Lan (Sime Darby Healthcare TMC)
24. Siti Safinas (Maxis TMC)
25. Timothy Nakayama (MidValley & Friendship TMC)
26. Lim Yi Kang (TMIKL TMC)
27. Isaac Wong (ITC Bintang TMC)

President Engr. Lee Meng Tze, DTM commenced by welcoming all guests followed by all attendees introducing themselves.

After a round of introduction, the President handed over control to The Organizing Chair, who is none other than our Area Governor ACB Alex Lu. He began by introducing the benefits and goals of The “Art of Effective Evaluation Workshop”. He presented and facilitated 1st session – “The Function of Evaluation”, with participants feedback on “Why People Want to Learn to Speak and Lead”, “How We Improve as Speakers” and “Three Roles of An Evaluator”.

President then facilitated the 2nd session on Club Climate Evaluation – How Well Does Our Club Evaluate. This session required the participants to fill up a Club Evaluation Climate Questionnaire. While the results were fabulated, ACB Alex Lu move on to present ” Self Esteem : The Key to Personal Growth”. Breaktime was then annouced for 10 minutes.

Thereafter the meeting resumed with the Club Evaluation Climate Result  “How Well Does Our Club Evaluate” conducted by President. Audience were asked to feedback on areas that they are proud of the way the club evaluate and what specific things do they think the club should do to improve the evaluation climate. She then proceeded to share on “How to Build a Positive Club Climate on Evaluation”. 

Division Governor DTM Robert Ram then proceeded with the 3rd Session on “Methods For Effective Evaluation”, “Ten Behaviors of An Effective Evaluator” . He shared and discussed valuable tips for speech evaluation contest. Participants were excited with thie session which is very timely with Speech Evaluation Contest just around the corner

Immediate Past President (IPP) CC, ALB Chia Meng Yee then led the 4th session -Evaluation Workshop. In this session, participants implemented what was learned byevaluating a manual speech. The speech was duly delivered by our  Test Speaker - Engr. CC Lim Terk Yiang on CC #8 (Visual Aids) - Title “Mulu Caves”, where audience were enchanted with  his adventurous journey to Mulu Caves with several breathtaking photos depicted in his presented photos.

Our very own star evaluator – 2010 Division C Speech Evaluation Champion CC Tan Ken Wayne proceeded to evaluate Terk Yiang’s speech as project speech evaluator. Participants then delivered their evaluations based on “Individual Speech Evaluation Form”. IPP then closed with three powerful words- “Evaluate To Motivate”.  

This conclude the workshop with the participants submitting the feedback forms. President then presented certificate of attendance to all participants.  There were a few announcements on the upcoming events ” Absolutely Amazing August” at IEM Toastmasters :-

16/8/12 (3rd Thursday) Club Humourous Speech and Speech Evaluation Contests. All are welcome (no door fees). Members are strongly encouraged to participate as contestants

 23/8/12 (4th Thursday) No meeting – HariRaya holiday week

 30/8/12 (5th Thursday) “Merdeka” Nite with Champions Toastmasters Meeting. Club Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest Champions will deliver their speeches. There will be open evaluation, where audience participate in the evaluation learned from this workshop.  This will facilitate our Club Champions to prepare  for the Area Contest on 13/9/12.

As icing on the cake, we will be celebrating August birthdays with all attendees born in the month of August, along with our Nation’s Independance Day.

There were air-time for guests from other clubs to promote their club events, contests and District 51 Semi-Annual Convention

The President then delivered closing remarks with the workshop ended at 11 pm.

Division Governor Robert Ram presented

Division Governor Robert Ram presented

Division Governor Robert Ram, DTM Sharing on Sandwich Evaluation Method

Robert shared 'Sandwich' Evaluation Method

Participants in full attention

Participants in full attention

In all ears

In all ears

Question by Timothy Nakayama

It's question time - from Timothy Nakayama

Robert Rapid Response

Robert's Rapid Reliable Response

Introducing the workshop test speaker

Introducing the workshop test speaker

Participants in all ears - all evaluate!

Attention all need to Evaluate To Motivate!

Test Speaker - Engr Lim Terk Yiang!

Test Speaker - Engr. Lim Terk Yiang

Journey ride to Mulu Caves

Taking us on Joyful Journey ride to Mulu Caves

Enjoyable Experience!

Enchanted Enjoyable Experience!

Star Evaluator Division C 2010 Champion Tan Ken Wayne

Now is the moment - Here comes our Star Evaluator DivC 2010 Champion - Tan Ken Wayne!

In his element evaluating test speaker - With Gusto!

In his element evaluating test speaker - With Gusto!

Not forgetting even for evaluation - Simple Smile Sooth the Day!

Simple Smile Sooth the Day! Even for evaluation

Over to you - in Sea of Aplause!

Over to you - in Sea of Aplause!

President presented certificate of participation to Test Speaker Lim Terk Yiang

President presented certificate of participation to Test Speaker Engr. Lim Terk Yiang

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Feb 28

Demo Meeting Cum Public Speaking Workshop “Unleash The Public Speaker In You – Be A Toastmaster” was organized by IEM Toastmasters Club and Open University Malaysia on 8.Jan.2012 (previously coverred in the local press  in Mandarin), refer

This event  is now published in English at “OUM Today” Issue 91- February 2012. Refer->

Many thanks to support from the cast of dedicated toastmasters presenting the following sessions :
1. Divsion C Governor Chew Shel Ling, DTM 
          (Impromptu Speech Evaluation;  Q&A Session on “Be a Toastmaster”)
2. Assist.Division C Governor – Marketing Robert Ram, ACG, ALB                 
          (Toastmasters @OUM – setting up TM club)
3. Area C2 Governor Lee Meng Tze, ACG, ALB
          (Organizing Chair; Impromptu Speech Evaluation)
4. Area C5 Governor Sarab Abedi Abdullah, ACG, ALB
         (Feel Good Session)
5. TTDI Toastmasters Club Mentor & Past President Jon Tan, ATM-G, CL     
          (Body Language)
6. IEM Toastmasters Club VPE Alex Lu, CC 
          (Toastmaster of the Day)
7. IEM Toastmasters Club Past VPE Dr. Yim Poh Wah, ACB, CL  
       (Introduction & Benefits of Impromptu Speaking; Impromptu Session)
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Jan 13

On 8.1.2012, Lee Meng Tze & her team conducted a demo meeting cum speech workshop at Open University Malaysia in Bangi. The speech workshop was entitled Unleash the Public Speaker in You.

Jon Tan spoke on the use of body language in one’s speech. Impromptu speech(table topics) training was conducted by Dr Yim Poh Wah.

The event received good coverage in the local press. Read about it(in Mandarin) below:-

The participants & trainers

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